Thursday, May 7, 2009

Juuuuuust Great

Now I'm getting chewed out publicly by Marilyn's son on Facebook. (well, me, Pete, his sister, etc). Apparently they think we've known for months this was coming.

How the HELL is this becoming MY business???


Kate said...

It's not your business. Block it. Seriously. You have that right, girlie.

carrster said...

Kate's right. This is exactly what I was thinking. It's not your business so turn it off. Ridiculous.

carrster said...

This is irritating me....

even if YOU KNEW months ago, what business is it of yours to talk to ANYONE about it?

Sheesh. Sounds like he's just really upset for his Mom and lashing out at anyone he can think of.

Unknown said...

I agree with Carrie, seems like they are trying to find victims of their anger.

It's not your issue, nor is it Pete's. Jim makes his own decisions. Besides, when did you (or anyone for that matter) become the family therapist/informer/manager?

Block 'em.