Friday, May 15, 2009

Date Night!

Pete and I have a date tonight!

Since we had Kate, we've not been terribly good about such things. I really didn't want to leave her - almost ever - until Elizabeth was born. I don't know if that was brought on by our struggle to have her, or by the three months I had her in daycare. All I knew was that being away from her caused me physical pain.

Somehow, with Elizabeth in the picture, that went away. Maybe I mellowed out. Maybe I just trust the world in a way I didn't before. I think part of it is likely just that I'm not leaving them "alone" - they have each other. But either way, I've been itching to get out more lately. I've been wanting more time to focus on Laurie the Person instead of just Laurie the Mom.

Add to that the very real evidence we've had at what happens if you don't nurture your marriage, and I couldn't get a date planned soon enough! Thankfully, my niece Dana is eager to earn spending money for our family trip this year. Tonight we'll do a quick dinner and catch the new Star Trek movie. Next week I'd like to just do a more sit-down dinner and just talk. We haven't had "dates" two weeks in a row in over three years! I'm so excited!


carrster said...

Cool! How fun! Enjoy your date night!

(I'm jealous - but my husband is kind of crabby so I guess it's okay).

Meigan said...

Enjoy! We always did it on a regular basis till we moved here & have NO BABYSITTER (does Dana travel?). We've only had one date in the last 3 months & our next one is a fishing tournament. Can you imagine anything more romantic?

Well, live long & prosper.

carrster said...

How was your date?!?