Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kate's "best friend" Molly came over for a play date this morning. They are only 11 days apart in age and they play together really well. Today we all sat down to play Cariboo. Molly doesn't have this game, so she always wants to play it here. I, however, try to avoid it because I go crazy that she still doesn't seem to get the game. (I know, control-freak much, Laurie?)

Anyway, we were playing again today and Molly was just going through and opening the little flaps without drawing a card first. I kept reminding her to "Draw a card, Molly, draw a card!" when Kate looked at me and said, "Why are you being so mean, Mommy?"

"Mean?" I asked, incredulously. I thought my tone of voice was OK, I was really just being a nag more than anything.

"Yes, you're being mean about making Molly draw a card."

"I'm sorry, honey. I was not trying to be mean. Molly doesn't have to draw a card if she doesn't want to."

"Okay. That's better."

And more than my shame at the fact that I was bullying little Molly, I was flooded with pride. Not only did Kate sense I was getting frustrated, but she called me on it. She stood up to me to protect her friend.

So how can I tell her to always do that? Always and forever?


Meigan said...

My, she's really talking! I'm impressed that she can play that game, too. I came home from work yesterday & the girls had combined that game & the pieces from their "Littlest Pet Shop" game & were playing treasure hunt. It's the story of our lives. They never follow the game rules.

I do remain firm on a few: Monopoly, Yahtzee? You must follow the rules! Or Else! (mean mom)

Kate said...

The fact that she's doing it now? Speaks volumes to your parenting, girlie. Keep up the good work.

Cellomama said...

Yes, she's a talker. Can't imagine where she gets that from. :-p