Monday, March 17, 2008

Arizona Highlights

Here are a few highlights/pictures from Arizona. The first highlight was visiting Pete's grandparents, who live in Mesa. They are rapidly approaching 90 and in fantastic shape. Pete and I can only hope to be that active (and that happily married) in another 55 years!! Kate had a blast picking oranges, lemons and grapefruit right from the trees, and also got to help her great-grandfather scatter birdseed to feed all the quail and pigeons that practically live in their backyard.

Kate also loved being able to get outside. We dedicated quite some time in search of a decent playground in Scottsdale, AZ. It doesn't exist. Seriously - we are so grateful for all the wonderful playgrounds and parks at home now!! We didn't realize what a rarity that is! Still, she managed to find some enjoyment...

OK, so she doesn't look to excited in that last picture, but that's more because Mom was making her sit still for a picture. I just love the shot, though. (BTW - who is this grown-up "kid" and where did my little baby Katester go??)

Of course, no trip to 80+ degree weather would be complete without the obligatory afternoons in the pool. Kate is a fish and loved being in the water! When we went in at the start of the week, she had us just drag her around. By mid-week she progressed to holding onto a "noodle" and having us tow her and by Friday she had figured out how to kick those little legs and wave those arms to sort of doggie paddle around the pool under her own steam (all of this while wearing a life jacket, fyi, so don't go signing her up for the Olympics or anything). She was just so darn proud of herself it was so much fun to watch!! Here she is in the "noodle circle" with Daddy.

She also came on a very easy hike one day. Pete and my Dad took off and my Mom and I sauntered with Kate for awhile. Being now in my third trimester, Kate and I are at about the same speed. We saw lots of flowers and cacti and even a Gila monster!! Here she is taking in the wildlife with Grandma.

All in all, it was a great week. Kate has already adjusted to the time change, and was thrilled to see snow again. Wish I could say the same!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gone too soon

Our friend Mitch died on Friday, after a long battle with cancer. He and Pete have been friends since high school - when he fought bone cancer. He managed to stay cancer free until about 5 years ago when he was diagnosed with a GBM (brain tumor). He tried so hard, but this one beat him.

He was 34 and left behind two darling children. He was a wonderful, gentle, funny man and a fantastic father.

He will be missed.

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

We're back from a gorgeous week in Arizona.

The week started out a bit rough, as both Pete and I got Kate's cold and arrived feeling pretty lousy. Mine quickly developed into a sinus infection. We got lots of sleep and took it easy the first couple days, but still really enjoyed the wonderful sunshine and the new activities for Kate.

We got home yesterday and I'm still recovering from the travel. Just like with Kate, I've hit the third trimester and suddenly feel like my energy has plummeted. So off to bed.

I'll post more about the trip and a few pics soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cabin Fever

Today is day 2 of not leaving the house because Kate is sick. She's doing much better today - fever is gone and she's left with just the other cold symptoms. However, she's still just sick enough to be a royal, whining pain. We're both pretty nutso about not getting out and about the last couple of days, but we're on vacation next week so I really wanted to take it easy and give her every chance of beating this thing before our flight Saturday.

We're off to AZ to visit my folks. I'm REALLY looking forward to some nice weather and to getting her outside every day. She needs it even worse than I do. It's time for this winter to be OVER!