Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can I just go to bed now?

So far today:

- I forgot to eat my banana on my way to the gym, resulting in trying to do a 75 min conditioning class on 200 calories of protein.

- I 'snuck' out of a very full 75 min conditioning class after 45 min.

- Elizabeth fell into a very large puddle of icy slush leaving the gym.

- While shopping for (dry) clearance pants for Elizabeth at Target (but before buying my groceries), I lost my new leather gloves.

- Kate (yes, Kate, my nowhere-near-potty-trained-4-year-old) pooped her pants.

- The school we plan to send Kate to next fall called asking where Kate’s teacher reference was - they need it this week to decide whether or not to admit her. I haven't even asked for it yet. (Oh well, she probably won't be able to go anyway, because she won't be potty trained).

- After cleaning up Kate (and while on the phone with the school), I learned Elizabeth found the pancake batter and poured it all over the kitchen.

Here’s hoping this day gets better, and fast.