Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can I just go to bed now?

So far today:

- I forgot to eat my banana on my way to the gym, resulting in trying to do a 75 min conditioning class on 200 calories of protein.

- I 'snuck' out of a very full 75 min conditioning class after 45 min.

- Elizabeth fell into a very large puddle of icy slush leaving the gym.

- While shopping for (dry) clearance pants for Elizabeth at Target (but before buying my groceries), I lost my new leather gloves.

- Kate (yes, Kate, my nowhere-near-potty-trained-4-year-old) pooped her pants.

- The school we plan to send Kate to next fall called asking where Kate’s teacher reference was - they need it this week to decide whether or not to admit her. I haven't even asked for it yet. (Oh well, she probably won't be able to go anyway, because she won't be potty trained).

- After cleaning up Kate (and while on the phone with the school), I learned Elizabeth found the pancake batter and poured it all over the kitchen.

Here’s hoping this day gets better, and fast.


Kate said...

Oh! I'm so sorry. Can you just snuggle in bed with your two little ones and call it a day?

Unknown said...

Oh dear. What a crazy day. I sure hope it improved for you!

carrster said...

Ay yi yi!!! That is a crazy day!

Good thing for after lunch/dinner Dove chocolate.


legendswife said...

wow..what a day.Remember to keep some Rescue-timeout chocolate in the house:)