Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If you ask me, Minnesota weather doesn't get any better than it is today. Since the girls are both still feverish (but otherwise OK) we skipped school and my dentist appointment (so sad). I piled both girls in the BOB and we headed off on a long walk, with a playground stop in the middle. This weather is like heaven on earth.

Which is a good thing, since I could use the distraction from my idiocy. I sent out an email to family about Elizabeth's 1st birthday party, and forgot that the email address I had was for Jim AND Marilyn. Marilyn got it. She's now sent me three emails about how shocked she is, how much she loves the girls, etc. I have no idea what to say and really just want to stay out of the whole mess. That's what I get for sending emails late at night when I'm exhausted.

It is SO nice to not have anything going on today. We're over-scheduled this semester (yes, for my 3-year-old) and it's gotten really old. So I'm classically over-compensating and have nothing but swimming lessons scheduled for summer. I'm really looking forward to it now but will probably be going stir-crazy by mid-June! But I can't wait to get up and go to Elm Creek Park and take a long walk and then go swimming in that fabulous swim pond!! I am SO ready for summer!

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carrster said...

ah yes, we SO deserve nice weather after that loooooooooooong weekend.

That sucks about the email thing. UGH.