Thursday, May 8, 2008

Irrational Fears

My latest: that for some reason (intruder, fire) I will need to use the escape ladder to get out of an upstairs bedroom with both kids by myself. How will I manage it? How would I carry them? What will I do if one of them starts slipping? Or both?

Just another joyful scenario added to my ongoing fear about what to do if the truck somehow wound up in deep water and I had to get both girls out of their carseats and swim to shore.

It's like I rehearse these scenarios in my head - and always end up inconsolable with fear. I thought I was through this stuff, but it's come back again lately with force. Here's hoping it's all part and parcel of the hormones and will go away...

...and that I never, ever happen to see Sophie's Choice.

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