Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not packing

I have reached the point of pregnancy where I no longer want to do anything but sit around. This is problematic, since I still have a lot of things to do to get ready for having this baby.

For one, I have not yet even started packing a bag. I did the same darn thing last time - thinking, oh, I have a list, it'll just take a minute to throw stuff together. Well, it took us FOREVER to get everything pulled together when we had Kate, to the point where we then wound up stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. And this time, I will have to focus that pre-hospital time on making sure I've got everything lined up for Kate. I need to get this done.

Why do I find it so intimidating? It just sounds like a lot of work.


Meigan said...

Girl! Go pack that bag! My water broke a week early with my 2nd & we were not packed &we barely made it to the hospital in time!

Oh my gosh - it's so exciting how close you are!!!

(and you're totally allowed to just sit for the last 4 weeks!)

carrster said...

Definitely PACK! you'll feel much better once that's done. And hey - water broke at 3 1/2 weeks early so..... :) PACK! :)

Kate said...

Hang in there. The slow wait is on! I'll be thinking of you!