Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting There

Thank you for the encouragement last week on the bag. I actually got a good deal of it done that day. I got smart this time and just bought travel-sizes of several things, so I can just get them in the bag. Other than needing to load some music on my iPod and toss in a few things, I'm pretty much set.

One question - a lot of books recommend packing food for the husbands. We didn't do this last time in part because we had no time and in part because we had a doula who had told us she was willing to do food runs when needed. Did any of you do this? It's pretty easy to throw in a granola bar or some nuts, but at our refresher childbirth class they practically suggested a picnic. That seems excessive to me, but perhaps it is a good idea...

Last night I went to get a "big sister gift" for Kate. I got her something from us and something from the baby. Last week we bought something for her to give the baby, so that's all ready. I'm feeling SO much better having this done. That was the one huge thing on my list I was concerned about not having done. At this point, if I went into labor tomorrow I would be in decent shape *huge sigh of relief*.

However, given my appointment today, going into labor tomorrow is a long shot. There's pretty much nothing going on. Of course, it was the same way with Kate and she came out eventually, so I'm not too concerned. I still don't feel quite ready yet. I just have the mindset that she'll come within a few days of the due date, like Kate did. Of course, if I keep retaining fluids like I have this week, I'm going to be hoping that comes fast. I put on 5+ lbs. this week... no wonder I can hardly bend my fingers!!

Speaking of which, I've reached my laptop limit for my hands (they get numb in about 15 minutes) so I'm off. Have a great sunshiny day!!


-Peder said...

I brought a package of Nutter Butters and was happy that I did. Even just being able to cram a few cookies and not go searching for food was incredibly convenient. Bonus point, Sarah doesn't like them so I didn't even have to share!
If you pack for every possibility, you'll overpack. Even if you do overpack, the only real downside is that you'll have to make an additional trip to the car at some point.

carrster said...

Doesn't it feel good to have things crossed off the 'to-do' list? I bet it does! We didn't pack any snacks because I was planning on doing that closer to my due date! doh. We were definitely GOING to but that just didn't happen. As it was I packed my own lunch for work that morning and ended up eating it about an hour after I had her. Worked for me! I don't think it's a bad idea to throw a couple things in...but like Peder says, if you over do it, it'll just be more trips to the car!

Cello Mama said...

Yep. Even though we were short on time, I still way overpacked last time. I brought tons of "comfort" stuff - candles, CDs, movies, etc. heating pads, etc. Didn't use any of them. This time I'm bringing my iPod/speakers and a tennis ball. :-)

We just didn't have food. Right now we're thinking some trail mix and some fruit leather and lots of change for beverages. I think that'll do it.

Cello Mama said...

Oh - and the great thing about the hospital where I delivered Kate is that they brought me a meal like 2 hours after delivery. Apparently, no matter the hour they feed you right away. Sadly, we're not delivering there again.

Hopefully I'll be organized enough to make a batch of bran muffins and can throw some of those in (and share some with the nurses).

Holly said...

hmm... i wish we had thought about that, however we weren't really prepared for anything given our situation. hell, i didn't even have a single thing packed. we spent a good deal of money ordering food from the hospital cafeteria and the food wasn't all that great :(

throw in some snacks and maybe some powerbars or something. those always seem to last longer than granola bars for me.

Kate said...

Yeah! You're almost ready, and the feeling that you'd be just fine if it was tomorrow has got to be a huge relief.

No advice from non-mom here, but I'm wishing you well!

Meigan said...

Bringing back so many memories!

First birth, yes we packed food for daddy. And for the nurses. And poor mom, with all her drugs & couldn't eat had a 26 hour labor & was STARVING while everyone ate around her - grrrr. (we got deli sandwiches for Kyle & they did come in handy so he didn't have to leave in the middle of labor).

2nd baby, no food. No time plus I went into labor after we ate a HUGE mexican meal, so no need really. But we did get cheesecake for the nurses/doctors after (we had her at southdale near the cheesecake factory).

I'm sure trail mix will be great & I'm sure you guys will be ok no matter what.

Meigan said...

Oh, and we got Gillian a t-shirt that said "I'm the bigger sister". And she brought a gift for Natalie - little plastic bracelets & necklaces & we have video of her "dressing up" Natalie in the hospital bed the day after she was born. Poor kid!