Tuesday, January 8, 2008

But for the grace of God

There was another story in the paper today about some college kid dying of alcohol poisoning, after a night of partying. "They drink a lot all the time," their friends say. "They didn't even seem that drunk." It seems there's a story like this every week lately.

I so clearly remember being one of those kids. Most of you who read this blog were right there with me - often literally by my side. While we were pretty good at looking out for each other, we pushed those limits so very far so often. We were damn lucky.

I read these stories and it's not the kids I identify with anymore - my heart breaks for those parents. Never once did I realize how much I was gambling with something so precious to my parents. You just don't get it until you're on the other side. And I hope and pray my girls are more wise, more careful.

Or at least just as damn lucky.


carrster said...

oh - the side-by-side comment throws me back to a certain time at St. Olaf ....doh.....

I agree...it takes on a whole new meaning when you're on the other side. What are we in for?!?!?!

Unknown said...

amen. how are we going to make sure these girls don't do the same stupid &$^@ we pulled? it makes me cringe. and want to tie claire to my apron strings forever :)