Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An audible sigh of relief

Little One passed the ultrasound with flying colors. Every single thing they looked at - normal. Not a single question, concern, soft marker, anything. Even the perinatologist flat out said we didn't need an amnio. I still have a low-lying placenta (no longer covering the cervix, but still really darn close) but he also said he would be surprised if it didn't continue to move out of the way. All in all, it was a wonderful relief to know that the early measurement was an anomaly and we have what seems to be a healthy baby on the way.

We're both pretty gosh darn excited.

As for the gender, I must admit we caved. We decided to be practical regarding planning and names, and because I have sometimes thought it perhaps slowed my bonding with Kate, because I was so sure she was going to be a boy it took my awhile to accept she was a girl.

I'll have to see how I feel after delivery and all, but right now I'm glad I know. I really like knowing and I swear I feel even more attached to the Little One than I did this morning. Of course, that could be in part because I finally believe this baby is really coming. She is really coming. And we all can't wait to meet her.


michelle said...

Congratulations :)

Glad everything turned out good :)
This must be the year of babies and it's getting hard to hear over my own biological clock getting louder and louder...sigh....

Hope everything continues to go well :)

carrster said...

Eeek! Congratulations!!!

Guess I will know what colors to buy! hee hee.

Meigan said...

Ooooooooh my gosh! Another girl! Congratulations!

I know others may disagree with me, but TWO GIRLS ARE THE BEST!

I'm so happy everything looks good & healthy - and that you're posting more!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Another girl to join the circle!

FYI, I'm so glad to hear Baby Girl M is doing fine.