Thursday, February 12, 2009

Completely unsolicited product placements

A couple of weeks ago Beth Fish did a "Meme" and invited all who read her to participate. Now, with my pathetic blogging track record, answering 5 whole questions seemed a bit much for me. But I was struck by this question: "What's the best thing since sliced bread?"

I have a few things in my life that I sing praises for every time I use them - most of which have been discovered since I became a parent. So I'm going to tell you about some of them. I think it goes without saying that no funds were exchanged to compel these endorsements. :-)

1. Razors with built-in "shave gel", namely the Gillette Venus Breeze or the Shick Intuition.
When I first saw the ads for these, I figured they were a gimmick. That such a small amount of "gel" could hardly compensate for a good soap and a high quality razor. I was wrong. They each have their pros and cons but I just rejoice every time I use them. I know, I know - you wonder how long it really takes to suds up your legs in the shower. Longer than you think! I have not used a "plain" razor since the first time I tried one (shaving my calves with a bottle of water sitting on a curb in a parking lot). The only downside is that they are pretty expensive. But it's a great time-saver. I never get razor burn and very rarely nick myself. They are worth every penny.

2. The Clorox Toilet Wand.
When I first had Kate crawling around and getting into everything like a rabid Tasmanian devil, I realized something had to be done about the toilet brushes. There wasn't much I could think of that would be grosser than her getting ahold of one of those (except perhaps the plunger). Plus, I tried to find ways to not have as many toxic cleaning chemicals in liquid form around. These work great, and then you toss the little cleaning pad and just have this easily hidden, innocuous little stick.

3. The 4 Bag Laundry Sorter.
Laundry is the bane of my existance. With E in the picture now, I just couldn't possibly get it all done in one day, so we'd wind up with these sorted piles all over the floor until I actually managed to get through it all. Now we don't have baskets in the closets anymore. We just have this one hamper and all clothes go directly into it - pre-sorted! Not only do I no longer have the drudgery of marathon laundry sorting/washing sessions (I do one load a day), but since I keep up with the laundry now we need fewer clothes!!! Seriously! My mom is horrified that I have this hamper out in my bedroom but I don't really care. It's awesome!

4. My beloved label maker.
Nothing wastes time like having to hunt for things when you want to use them. I use my label maker ALL the time!!

So, there's my list. I realize they might be seen as expensive and certainly not too "green", but for now they're helping me manage my life.

How about you? What are your timesaving finds??


Meigan said...

Oh dear. I am going to have to send you a case of Skintimate - it may be extra work but it smells oh so nice! and some Scrubbing Bubbles Max Brush & refills. I love how all my friends & family support my competition all the time. :-)

And I don't mind keeping laundry stuff out in the open if it means we do it more often. You can always stick that stuff in a closet when visitors come. It's amazing the compromises you make when you have kids in order to have some SANITY. I'm sure your mom did it in some ways, too, when you guys were little!

Kate said...

Clorox wipes. It's the only way to go. No nasty rags.

carrster said...

Meal planning! It saves me time (& money) at the grocery store and eliminates the dreaded "what do you want for dinner?" question.

I also "swish & swipe" the bathroom every day - takes 2 seconds but I always have a clean toilet & sink. That rocks.

Emily said...

Mr. Clean Magic eraser takes scuffs off of Bam cases. My Dyson vacuum makes cleaning an existential's so good! Oh, and Microfiber wipes instead of paper towels. They do a great job and are a less wasteful everyday alternative. (though I do clean up the occasional cat gack with paper towels) :)