Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Wii or not to Wii

Awhile back, Pete was reading an article about the Wii, which he was saying made him pretty interested in getting one. He hadn't been all that interested prior, but whatever it was impressed him. Mental note made.

I wanted to get him one for Father's Day, but as many of you know, Wiis are a bit thin on the ground these days. After months of staring at a blank spot on the shelf at Target, I walked in on Sunday and asked if they actually ever got some in stock. He moved over to show me a stack of 100 Wii units they had just gotten in that morning. I bought one on the spot.

The next day I don't even remember how I got on the topic, but Pete made some comment about wanting a PS3 because there's going to be a Top Gear game coming out (a British car show he's crazy about). I nonchalantly asked him if he'd rather have a PS3 or a Wii, and he said a PS3.

So now what do I do??


michelle said...

i say keep the Wii!

i don't have one but have heard so many great things about them. my parents actually just bought one to help them get in shape.

even if he doesn't use it you could always amuse yourself with it!

Peder said...

We love our Wii, but if he'd rather have the PS3, that sounds like the way to go. could try and talk him back into the Wii. Start dropping hints about his weight or something, that might do it.

Meigan said...

For what it's worth, Kyle has spent more time on his Xbox than the rest of us combined on the Wii.

Depends on the mission here - do you want him spending many happy hours by himself (read, "out of your hair") or many happy hours together playing tennis on the Wii?

I'd get both!

carrster said...

Ooh the Wii is fun...that tennis is'll take you back to "the day..."