Friday, July 25, 2008


I don't know why I'm fretting so much about the Wii.

I just ordered a new set of cello strings. 'Bout the same price as the Wii, and will last about 6 months, if I'm lucky.

Why did I ever try the Larsens?? Now I can't go back to anything else, and I think they're the most expensive strings on the market.



Kate said...

Of course they're the best! We just gravitate to the best, I think!

Emily said...

Larsens are awesome, especially the A. Have you tried Evah Pirazzis? I actually use the G and C all the time, and these days I have the D G and C covered with their cool looking green and purple barber-pole swirl. They are more of a lateral move, price wise..perhaps 5 bucks cheaper for the D, but it's nice to expand your palate a little. :)