Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too Much

Life has been a bit out of hand for me these days. I felt I was just barely holding it all together with the two kids. Add in one major construction project and it's all in chaos.

But then comes a dose of major perspective.

My good friend Laura (Jared's wife, for you Austinites) could possibly lose both of her parents soon. Her mom had a clot in her mesenteric artery, which killed a lot of bowel. She was in failing health to begin with, and this just threw her into a spiral. She's not been conscious since the surgery over two weeks ago - she's been on full life support. And it sounds like perhaps they're not expecting recovery any more.

Meanwhile, her dad is in the midst of yet another chemo for his metastatic kidney cancer. Today they find out if it is working.

Her folks live in Boston. She lives here with Jared and their two kids. She's an only child. I can only imagine being so far away (although of course she's been there often the past few weeks) and having no one else to share the burden and the grief.

Makes the petty foibles of my life seem pretty minor.

If anyone feels like offering up prayers for a stranger, she could use them.


Meigan said...

Oh how awful. White light going her way...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. Adding her to my prayer list.

Kate said...

Prayers going her way. And yours too, my friend.

carrster said...

Oh that is very sad. I will definitely keep them in my prayers.