Monday, October 27, 2008

One Big-a&& Baby

The girls and I go to a playgroup every Monday - we've been going weekly for almost two years now. Since Elizabeth was born, there have been two more baby girls born in the group. Amaya is 4 weeks old and Nadia a mere 4 days - just born last Thursday.

Today we took a shot of our 2008 girls... and it's crazy!! It looks like someone took two pictures of babies from different perspectives and spliced them together!! While 4 months difference is a lot in babyhood, it's still just a few months.

But, man, what a difference it makes:


Unknown said...

Isn't it crazy? Hazel is half the weight of Claire and will be a mere 3 mos old on Friday. Yeesh!

So good to see a pic of your little peanut. Hope you are well.

Kate said...

WOW! What are you feeding her, girl?

What a precious darling you have.

carrster said...

Wow! Crazy!!What cutie pies.

Meigan said...

That is a funky picture. I can't get over Elizabeth (is that what you are calling her?) - she's grown so much & she's just *beautiful*.

And those little ones - oh! Makes me want to go have five more.