Thursday, August 23, 2007

New String Heaven

Got my new G & C strings today - hallelujah!! I am now playing with a full set of Larsen strings - Soloist A&D and Wire Core G&C. I just changed the lower today so they're still playing in, but I am already in 7th heaven. I am getting overtones out of my cello I've never heard before - it's astounding.

When I bought my cello (December 2004), it had the same strings I'd always played - Jargar A/D, Dominant G/C (silver wound G, tungsten wound C). I'd never thought twice about it. In fact, I never really thought about strings. Through college, when I was playing at minimum 20 hours/week I only changed my strings maybe once a year. That's just CRAZY! I had no idea what a difference it made.

I've been experimenting the last year or so, and I've changed my strings every 6 months. My last setup was the Larsen Soloist A/D paired with the Spirocore G/C. That's the most common professional cello setup, but I didn't care for the Spirocore at all. My first pair were tungsten wound and far too gritty. I know lots of pros like that gritty sound because it helps provide clarity in the lower registers, but they just didn't sound pretty to me. Then I tried a silver-wound G with a tungsten C and it was better, but still too rough sounding for my cello. Not to mention they went dead in a matter of a months.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to try the Larsen G/C, because they are the most expensive strings you can buy and I was afraid I'd like them! Like doesn't begin to describe it. I can't wait to see what they feel like in a few more days. Ugh - I need to get some freelance gigs going this year so I can pay for my new strings!!

I love new strings! It makes me remember why I fell so in love with this cello!


Maricello said...

Hi Cello Mama,

Love your calming green background. I enjoyed reading about your string set-up. My new cello came with Larsen strings. I love the cello, but am now wondering if I should have just changed the strings on my old cello, which had Jargar, then Evan Pirazzi. :-)

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I'm a cellist (amateur) and a mom (of just-about-grown kids) too.

Guanaco said...

Hi Cello Mama,
welcome to celloblogland! (Thanks Maricello, for the kind referral).

There are now 151 cellobloggers on my list. We range from middle school students to late starters (like myself); from learners to teachers to professionals on the solo circuit; from parents of very young children to grandparents of very young children; and every possible combination in between.

I'm looking forward to following your blog.