Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey, all. Trying to post at least on occasion to make Carrie happy (hi, Carrie)!! Gotta keep these pregnant ladies happy, y'all. It's the least we can do.

So where the heck have I been? I hardly know. The last 6 months have been such a blur. I've been taking care of myself again - eating right, going to the gym, etc. That feels good. Been playing waaaaay too much Farmville. (Must stop. Really must. Tomorrow).

Girls are fantastic. Kate is FINALLY seeming to make progress on the potty training thing. Or perhaps I should say I am making progress - because I got so I just couldn't handle the accidents anymore, and my freaking out all the time made things SO much worse. Kate and I had a rough six months, folks. ROUGH. But it seems we've turned the corner, and not constantly dealing with dirty undies (and pants, socks, carpet, furniture) has allowed me to remember how amazing my 4 year old is. She's talkative, imaginative and she's learned so much. She's just so grown up.

Elizabeth is a joy. She talks a blue streak and her favorite phrase is, "I do it!" It is usually followed by success and her shouting (loudly - the girl has lungs), "I did it! I did it! By My-Self!!" mental note: must get that on video.

I have tons to do in the next month. Pete's sister is getting married May 1st, and I am a bridesmaid. First of all, let me share that when I ordered my dress in November I ordered a size that was too small in the waist (3 inches) and hips (1.5 inches). It fits me now - hooray! But I still must figure out hair, shoes, undergarments. Must schedule alterations. Have dresses for the girls, but still need to have those hemmed and get tights. Haven't started on Pete yet. Planning two bridal showers in the next month.

I need to get activities for the girls (Kate, primarily) scheduled for summer or I will spend way too much freaking time on this laptop. I am also just beginning a project to paint nearly our entire house. We've lived here 8 years and have painted the basement and the girls rooms. We are far, far overdue. I am on my orchestra Board and we need to hire a new general manager and concertmaster. Plus I have something like 10 solos in our April concert, so I have some serious practicing to do.

So if you don't hear from me again for awhile, that's what is going on.



carrster said...

Yay! A Laurie update!! Thanks - I needed that. NOW I need photos!! :) That's not asking too much, is it??

Peder said...

I appreciated it too!

Peder said...

We demand a post!

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