Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reasons to lose the baby weight

In no particular order.

- The very few photos taken of me since Elizabeth's birth must be burned
- I can't wear my engagement/wedding rings
- I have to fly to AZ in March and won't fit in the seats
- My gut is so big it gets chafed in the front where it rubs against my clothes
- I only have 3 pair of (non-maternity) pants that fit me. Even my fat-girl sweats are too small.
- I weigh more than my husband - ooh, such a turn on (not)
- I have gorgeous and ridiculously expensive Joe's Jeans that are ~4 sizes too small
- I am a crappy role model for my two girls
- It is bad for my health, big time
- It makes me unhappy. Unhappy mom = bad mom.
- Back, knees, ankles - all designed to carry 50 lbs. less
- I am withdrawing socially. I don't want to go anywhere, see anyone looking like this.

I don't even recognize myself. I haven't lost a single lb. in almost 6 months and I am miserable. Yet I can't seem to get it together enough to do something about it. I've yo-yo'd before, but this is the first time that I've ever been honestly worried that I won't be able to do it and I will be fat and unhappy forever.



Anonymous said...

1st of all, you are supposed to have excess weight. your baby (s) are probably more healthy b/c of it.

2nd drink a lot of water and get on an elliptical for 40 min 4x per week. cut bagels, bread, & other carbs.

Good luck

Unknown said...

i wish we lived in the same neighborhood so i could drag you out of the house with me and go for a walk (it would motivate my ass too). anyone in the mom's group or neighborhood you could connect with to get out and even go walking around the malls?

FYI, my word verification was dally. in otherwords, don't dilly-dally - you can do it!!!

Kate said...

I have not had the babies, but since I got sober? Yeah. Eating too much. I have a lot of success with Atkins/South Beach, but then something triggers my carb receptors and I fall off the wagon time and time again. It's such a pain. And weighing more than the man? OOk. I'm with you, girlie. I hate it! I'm doing "Bikini 2009." I have a picture of the bikini I want to be wearing next summer on my refrigerator AND at work. Weird at work, but I eat at the hospital cafeteria and chicken strips and fries suddenly look much more interesting than tuna and lettuce with veggies! The picture is a great motivator and *sometimes* stops me in my tracks.

Don't know how to be helpful, but just know that we're out there struggling with the same thing! Hang in there and take ONE step to change. Not ten. Just one. Today.

michelle said...

i understand. i feel the same way - minus the mom/baby stuff. i'm getting fatter and fatter simply becuase i refuse to get my butt up and exercise. you'd think having a wedding dress i need to fit into would motivate but no - it just makes me seriously consider having a pajama party themed wedding so i can wear sweats. pathetic.

too bad you don't live closer to woodbury. i'd love to have an exercise buddy. at least i might be guilted into exercising...

i wish you the best of luck! :)

michelle said...

one more thing. kind of random but i was thinking about starting a another (private) blog geared toward motivation for the whole weight loss thing. if you'd be interested let me know :)

MMG said...

South Beach and 20 minutes a day on the stationery bike helped me lose 30 pounds over a period of a year. Good luck on your quest.

gottagopractice said...

Yup, the consensus is pretty much diet and exercise. Personally, I am a fan of the Zone or 40-30-30 approach, and walking is my exercise of choice. But first you have to decide you want to change the way that you live, because you really are talking about a long term commitment.

Gotten enough "help" yet <g>?

carrster said...

Amen sista. I second all the lovely ladies and say - if you were closer, maybe we could motivate each other. Water works wonders for me when I need to lose weight. Also not having things I can gorge on (ie: mini-peanut-butter-cups, for instance) helps too. I hear you, honey. I wish it was easier. It doesnt's eem fair that we have to not only HAVE the babies but then deal with the aftermath!!!!

(my word verification is "ingest" - how fitting, huh?)

Emily said...

By the way, there is scientific proof that Shostakovich (listed in your "in progress" section) leads to weight gain. I went up 35 pounds when I played that thing. Something to consider always is that you deserve loving kindness no matter where you are in the diet cycle, and that the same gentle treatment you offer yourself is the very thing that will help you make healthier choices. View each aerobic step as a gift to your heart, each bite of food as nourishment for your system, each hard choice as a reward for your willpower. You're a mother. You do harder things than this every day. :)