Saturday, August 16, 2008

What was I thinking

In the past, I've twice given Kate's hair a little trim, and it's turned out quite well. Well, third time was not-so-charming.

I have been debating whether to cut bangs for her or to grow her hair out. The issue is that to grow it out I have to find a way to keep it out of her face. It's hard to find clips to stay in her very fine hair, and the few I have she takes out as soon as she's out of my eyesight. I finally decided I had to get her bangs.

I'd trimmed her hair before and it was fine, and it appears my ego got the best of me. I totally butchered her hair (front and back). The bangs are way too short and are crooked. The back didn't start out so short, but she kept moving and I kept trying to even it out, so it just kept getting shorter and shorter. It needs to be on the shorter side - she doesn't have enough hair to grow it long yet - but this is crazy. People will think she's a boy.

I am literally just sick over this. I can't get over it. I feel so bad - I'm so glad that she's too young to get how goofy it looks. And we have Lizzy's baptism in 3 weeks, with pictures, etc. Ugh.

Pete is "disturbed" that I am so upset by this, but I have a thing about hair. I know I get freaked out by haircuts, etc. That's why I've never taken her anywhere to have it cut - I was too afraid they'd make her look weird. Well, there's no way they would have made her look this weird. I know it's probably not healthy that I'm this upset by it and this is not a good thing to be "modeling", but frankly she's now less cute than she was a few hours ago, and it's my fault.

I kind of want to take her somewhere to have it evened out, yet at the same time I REALLY don't want it to get any shorter. I think I'll just have to keep trying to pin the bangs back until they grow out enough to even them off. Then I'm going to let them grow completely - I don't like a true "bang" on her. I don't know what to do. I guess I'll get a deserved penance just having to look at her for the next month or two or however long it takes for her to start to look normal again.

My poor little princess.


Meigan said...

Oh Laurie, I know what you mean! I refuse to cut anyone's hair except Canoe - and I still think I do a horrible job on him.

Kids Cuts always did a nice job on the girls, but these days we just take them to Cost Cutters & they're fine.

I tried to grow Gillian's bangs out but that only lasted until she was about three? four? Kyle doesn't do barettes!

carrster said...

oh crap! That sucks Laurie - I mean, the part about you feeling so bad. Kate will be fine & hair will grow back so don't be too hard on yourself!! I'm sure she's still adorable as ever!!

Mommy said...

yup it does suck to feel so awful, but you are a momma and sometimes we get that way.

You saw the lovely Pebbles pony on BBLL? Her hair grows so darn fast I was having to take her monthly to get bang trims...I could not take the pressure when hubs would tell me, "She can't EVEN SEE!" but refused to take her to get a haircut himself!!

I use the goody stretchy ponies, they are kind of like terrycloth circles, and BBLL seems to like them better than clips.