Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad Blogger

I can't quite believe how long it has been since I've posted. Holy cow. But really, I've been quite busy. I have very limited blog-time - pretty much confined to naptime and after the Katester goes to bed. And lately I have a few things in the works which are sucking up that time at an alarming rate, so I haven't taken the time to post.

One distraction is that I'm throwing a baby shower for Carrie in November. I'm so excited!! Now, invites are just going out this week, so it's not like it's taken up too much time yet. Just busy picking out the invites and brainstorming yummy, brunchy food to serve.

Another major distraction was our concert this past weekend. I've been doing quite a bit of practicing lately - our music this concert was HARD. I was extremely concerned going into it, but we all must have been freaked so we really focused. It went so well - I couldn't believe it!

There are a couple other distractions, too, but they are surprises related to the baby shower, so mums the word, for now. :-)

On the cute side, Kate's new favorite activity is doing dishes. I pull a step stool over to the sink and she will alternately scrub at dishes or rinse them off. It's sooo cute and we actually have a lot of fun washing and singing and talking. She's becoming such a grown-up kid. And it's a nice break from constant playdough playing.

OK, CSI/Grey's Anatomy time.


carrster said...

Yay - you're back! :) I check daily so this was a pleasant surprise this morning. :)

Unknown said...

Me too! Happy to see the post. Understand how it can be tough to find the time to blog with Kate-girl wanting to do the dishes :) If Kate wants to wash a few bottles, I've got a sink she could use - j/k.